Frequently Asked Questions

If I pay by credit card how will this appear on the statement?
Our company name “Wonderboys” will be the only thing mentioned on your credit card statement. Wonderboys W.Leevendstraat 4 1055 KC Amsterdam Netherlands
Will the packaging of my order be discrete?
Our packaging is very discrete, there will be no outward sign of what the contents are.
What is the delivery time?
Delivery time in the Netherlands is 5 working days, Within Europe 7 working days, other destinations approx. 10 working days.
Do you deliver internationally?
Cloneboy can be ordered and delivered to anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.
Can I make a Cloneboy if my penis is not erected?
That won’t happen because in contrast to other penis copy kits, Cloneboy kit contains a cock-ring. The cock-ring ensures that your erection is sustained.
How long will Cloneboy last?
The silicone rubber which is used in making a Cloneboy is of the highest quality. This means that your copy will remain firm while retaining it’s soft texture and colour.
Does it matter if pubic hair gets into the mould?
We provide a cuff in the kit which ensures that the pubic hair does not come into contact with the 3D gel. If you should get 3D gel in the pubic hair area than it is easily removed.
Are the materials used to make Cloneboy safe for contact with the skin?
The mould of your penis is made with our special 3D gel. The 3D gel is a medically tested and approved moulding material made from a base of algae which causes no irritation to the skin.
Is there a limit on penis size for making a Cloneboy?
Our kit is suitable for penis’s of all sizes, even bent ones. Cloneboy works all the time and is quaranteed by the cock-ring which maintains your erection.
How detailed is the copy?
It is an exact copy! All the details that you and your partner are so familiar with are perfectly reproduced.
What is the process for making a penis copy?
Our kit is designed so that everyone can easily make a copy of their, or their partners penis. Just make your penis erect and keep it erect with the cock-ring which is provided. Prepare 1 of 2 bag 3D gel (you always have an extra bag of moulding material), then place tube over the penis and pour in the 3D gel to make a mould. Wait approx 3 minutes till the 3D gel has become solid and then remove penis from the mould. Mix the hardener with the silicone rubber and pour into the mould. Wait approx. 24 hours, till silicone is hard and then remove your penis replica from the mould.
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